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Revolutionising Advertising

YouTube Short ads are being rolled out to more advertisers as an option for video format either independently or integrate into existing insteam and infeed ads

Empowering Privacy

Firefox recently announced that they are offering users a choice on whether or not to include tracking information from copied URLs, which comes on the on the heels of iOS 17 blocking user tracking via URLs.

Empowering Marketers

Google is adding generative AI features to its Performance Max ad platform. The new capabilities will help marketers quickly create and customize text and images for ads. Google aims to make ad creation easier while ensuring responsible use of AI

Lawsuit Unleashed: Spanish Media Pursues $600 Million Claim Against Meta for Alleged GDPR Violations

The Spanish media are trying to sue Meta for $600 million. They’re claiming that they have violated the EU General Data Protection Regulation, using ads with personal data obtained without consent.

Google’s Gemini AI Tool Launch Delayed to 2024

Google have postponed their launch of their AI tool, Gemini to 2024 due to issues with handling non-English queries. This shows the importance of accessibility as well as highlighting the competition between the AI sector.

Google’s New Video Search Criteria

Google have said that they will not show videos in search unless they are the primary focus of your web page. We can expect to see a change in tactics in websites that want to push their video content.



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