The Home Report – Summer Session – THE WEBINAR

The Home Report – Summer Session – THE WEBINAR

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Missed the live event? This is an absolute must for marketeers working in the HOME & GARDEN space.

Join us for the headlines from the Home Report LIVE, alongside the highlights from the presenters on the day who included ITV, Channel 4, Influencer, Hearst, Future, Magnet Kitchens and


– Deep consumer behaviour insights
– Macro trends affecting the sector
– Home & Garden trends affecting brands
– The highlights on how brands are overcoming challenges in testing times
– Practical tips to get your brand seen and heard

The HOME REPORT is packed full of comp analysis, customer profiling and snippets of research alongside contributions from the sectors finest. The report will help inform the marketing strategies for brands in the home space.

Get signed up HERE and get your knowledge bucket filled right on up!

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