• Limitless Digital own two leading brands; Big Bathroom Shop and Best Heating
  • As mature brands in their space, the business objective was rapid growth with clarity on their 5-year target. 
  • Their digital marketing had hit a glass ceiling and growth was not going to be achieved via digital channels only.
  • They needed a strategy for growth.


Having undertaken an extensive piece of research we identified that only 11% of people were considering changing their radiator. That led us to a deeper analysis of the market and audience which highlighted a huge opportunity to create awareness and interest in radiators, shifting a market, beyond just promoting the brand. Leading us to the underlying strategy of the ‘forgotten radiator’.


Using our DISCO model we spent a month working with them to maximize insight from their data, understand the customer route to market and ultimately build a channel agnostic strategy for growth. Our strategic outcome was focused on our Hygiene – Hub – Hero  model which prioritizes spend and redistributes budget to ensure the marketing spend is specifically focused on the KPI’s. The outcome was an investment in PR and media. This saw us launch an annual PR strategy along side activating a print, homes media market campaign and in Autumn 2020 the client launched on TV for the first time.



Growth year on year




Increase in annual TV spend since initial trial


“We really loved the work you’ve done with Best Heating – The examples demonstrated how insights drove strategy – and delivered brilliant results!

Prolific North, submission to best integrated agency category 2021

“Boutique’s strategic model helped set a clear path to success for us, with all recommendations backed by a sound data and reliable insights. Investigating in elevating our brand through TV in particular has had a noticeable effect on our business and we’re enjoying seeing the growth together with Boutique”

Ali Jones, Head of marketing, Best Heating

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