Firehouse fitness asked Boutique to help pump up their social.

Firehouse Fitness are a growing and unique gym brand, with modern, class leading gyms located in Leeds and Sheffield city centres and offering classes and training routines based around their core mantra ‘Train Like a Firefighter’.

With aspirations to build their brand, open new gym locations and ensure membership numbers grow in an already crowded and highly competitive market, Firehouse Fitness selected Boutique in order to develop a result-driven and ROI focused Digital Marketing strategy.

Being located in the city centre meant there was already a high number of gyms targeting generic paid search terms, and in order to achieve a strong CTA, we ensured that our campaigns where a carefully built around highlight targeted, demographically accurate exact match terms. Paid Search was then also supplemented with lead generating Facebook and Instagram campaigns, combined with retargeting.

To further enhance visibility we have also moved them into offline media utilising outdoor sites and formats to specifically target city centre workers and students.


Increase in membership numbers


Increase in FB goal conversion rate


Increase in PPC goal conversion rate
+ work with us Speech Bubble