Ebuyer asked us to help them reach a wider audience, diversifying from their nerd niche.

Over 20,000 orders pass through their state-of-the-art warehouse in Yorkshire every week, from TVs and laptops, to kettles and cameras. Ebuyer are one of the UK’s leading electronic etailers and they have undeniable brand awareness amongst the niche computer and gaming markets. The challenge now was to reposition the brand to appeal to a predominantly male audience, shouting about their vast range of products, while remembering their speciality to the devoted pc market.

We identified a unique opportunity that would deliver reach and frequency as well as provide a great platform to build brand personality.

We secured a yearlong deal with Dave and their +1 channel, Dave Ja Vu, for the “Weekends on Dave” slot. Ebuyer.com covered over 36 hours of programming each weekend, familiarising viewers of their range of products, increasing brand awareness and association, ultimately driving sales.

Business results are confidential, but Ebuyer.com’s MD, Stuart Carlisle, had this to say

“This was a great opportunity to get the Ebuyer.com brand out to a wider audience. We’d already had great success with our radio campaigns working with Boutique earlier in the year, so the progression to sponsorship on TV in helped us make more potential customers aware of Ebuyer.com. Boutique worked hard on the negotiation and we’re delighted with the result.”

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