• With staycation popularity surging in 2021/22, we were devised with getting as many people as possible to see the product, growing brand awareness amongst consumer audiences
  • We needed to show the key benefits of the product including how much better they are protecting from the sun than standard shades and how easy they are to fit
  • As we entered autumn and winter, the aim changed to focus on school holidays and Black Friday
  • We educated the audience about the low winter sun and focus on the benefits that the shades give despite it not being sunny and warm all the time
  • This was whilst budget was tightened as this was out of season


  • Identified that to understand the product people needed to see it in action and realise the benefits for themselves, so we sent out to nano and micro influencers in return for social posts
  • Looked to identify with specific parenting websites to further this approach and to reach all audiences
  • During winter as it was tougher to naturally include Car Shades, we identified influencers that provide good story telling on their socials and that could do this through promoting the shades
  • To take to the next step, we researched macro influencers to find influencers that could be sent the product and to run a takeover of their account showing the benefits of having Car Shades in their vehicle



In influencer coverage vs. KPI set


Pieces of influencer coverage


Of people promoted all key messaging


Accounts reached


Engagement rate from macro influencers


Of coverage featured the product image
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