To launch abnormal.’s media presence in a saturated health and fitness sector, focusing on both the health and lifestyle elements of the product

The core challenges when appointed, included:

  • Generate high-profile editorial exposure in national, lifestyle, health, fitness and regional publications
  • Promote the products and translate the positive impact it can have on improving quality of life
  • Highlight abnormal.’s multiple USPs Be at the forefront of health and fitness product recommendations
  • Tap into increased consumer spend in meal replacement shakes  Position abnormal. as experts Drive sales and increase online presence


  • New product launch
  • Writing copy for the press releases and accompanying blogs
  • Spoke direct to key journalists and influencers to trial the product for themselves
  • Worked closely with abnormal.’s nutritionists to produce reliable, informative content Campaigns such as ‘The Unhealthiest UK Career’ to build brand / product awareness and authoritative links
  • Creatively working on features to further elevate the brand awareness such as TikTok Health Trends, Top 10 Google Health Queries, How Healthy Are We?
  • Used abnormal.’s internal questionnaire for bespoke data


Pieces of coverage


Online Circulation


Regional syndication


Link inclusion


Journalist product trials


Dream publications achieved
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