Last Night A DJ Saved My Life Charity

Last Night A DJ Saved My Life Charity

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Posted In: by weareboutique, 21st April 2020

Ok, we’re biased because this is a client of ours but we’re pretty passionate about what they do.

Many years ago ex DJ, record label owner, club owner and promoter Jonny Lee ran the Great North Run and raised some serious dosh through his contacts in the music scene. It set him off on a mission that has led to the 10 years of changing lives.

The charity connects the global dance music community with charitable action for children in crisis through a series of campaigns and events throughout the year bringing together the likes of Carl Cox, Nightmares on Wax and Fatboy Slim. At the core of this charity is the belief that social change can come from the music industry.

To date the charity has raised over £500,000 and delivered running water for over 40,000 people in Africa and saved or improved the lives of thousands of children in the most impoverished of societies.

A charity that is growing in momentum and becoming more and more well known in the music scene, we’re confident this charity is going to go from strength to strength and have a positive impact on more and more lives across the world.

Check them out here.

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