Author Dave Trott

Author Dave Trott

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Posted In: by weareboutique, 9th February 2020

Dave Trott is a sage of the advertising world. A genius of a creative he has been Creative Director of some of the Worlds best agencies, including his own.A strong believer in the simplistic, he adds gravitas to strategic thinking whilst managing to avoid the bullshit and baloney often seen in the advertising world.

Moving from his heyday of the 90’s to now, some could deem his approach as disruptive because of his core belief in creative. He is a man that stands by a good creative concept without the need to run it by study groups, stress test versus data or leverage against brand values. And a man of his experience should be listened to.

I read his book One+One and it perfectly blended incredible storytelling with thought provoking anecdotes. I then listened to Creative Blindness on Audible and found myself late for everything as I sat in the car wanting just antoher story. Quick-witted, insightful, genuine and genius. If you work in the marketing industry you should read his blogs but most definitely you should buy ALL his books and be inspired by his stories that are full of daring and disruptive thinking.

Check out some of his books here.

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