Billboards are dead, long live billboards!

Billboards are dead, long live billboards!

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Posted In: Media by Jenn Ferrier, 1st December 2023

We’re diving into the world of advertising innovation – traditional poster billboards are becoming old news, but outdoor as a channel most certainly isn’t!

Chloe Fletcher, Boutique’s Media Exec

Creative advances allow brands to experimental, with a blend of unique design ideas and cutting-edge technologies. By honing in on both visual appeal and advanced targeting, we’ve curated four creative approaches for brands to elevate their campaigns, steering clear of the usual print formats.

1. Deep Screen Technology

So, guess what’s been making waves in the tech world lately? Deep screen technology – and it’s not just for the big shots like Gucci, Vodafone, and Amazon Prime. Picture this: your favourite artwork magically warping on the screen, creating this mind-blowing 3D effect that literally jumps out at you. These mesmerizing displays aren’t shy, they’re front and centre, taking over massive screens in busy places, gaining masses of social attention too! But here’s the catch – all that glitz and glamour comes with a hefty price tag. Sure, it’s a great way to turn heads and get people talking about your brand, but here’s the plot twist: it doesn’t exactly shower you with immediate returns.

2. Interactive Screens

Traditionally, the goals were all about visibility and reach, getting as many eyeballs on your brand, simple but effective right? But there’s a whole new level of cool: engagement! Brands are flipping the script and making their campaigns immersive. Yes…Digital screens that you can actually interact with, like touch or motion tracking – pure magic! Let’s dive into an example: Marvel, the legends, pulled off a mind-blowing campaign to promote the new Doctor Strange film. Using your hands you could swirl patterns around on the screen, just like the Doctor himself. And the best part, its not just for the kiddos – it’s a hit with all ages! Who knew campaigns could be this cool?

3. Number Plate Tracking

Using universal paper billboards to zero in on a specific audience, sounds good right? But here’s the scoop – you might end up with a bit of wastage. If people don’t align with the target audience, they’re less likely to engage with the ad. However, let us talk about the latest wizardry – Automated Number Plate Recognition. Need a translation? They can fire up digital ads in real time, targeting specific drivers. Toyota and Lexus are using this tech to lock onto drivers of other car brands. Talk about precision targeting! It’s like the VIP section for ads – minimal wastage and maximum impact, now that deserves a thumbs up.

4. Weather Targeting

Let’s talk about advertising with a weather twist! Some brands out there are syncing their ads perfectly with the season, mastering the weather game like seasoned forecaster. Think heating companies for example, cranking up the ad spend from October to February. Here’s a real-life scoop: our buddies at Best Heating aced this in late 2022. We choreographed their ads to make a grand entrance only when the temperature dipped below a comfy 13°C. Why? Because let’s face it, people are way more likely to cozy up to radiator ads when there’s a chill in the air. It’s all about catching the vibe and avoiding ad wastage. Smart move, right?

Transforming an out-of-home ad into a powerhouse is a game of possibilities. Whether it’s injecting eye-catching visuals or fine-tuning targeting strategies, brands have the tools to level up their creatives for a knockout campaign. As experts with experience across the outdoor media landscape we would always emphasize that brands should first nail down their objectives. Once that’s crystal clear, choosing the right kind of activity becomes the secret ingredient for an outstanding campaign.

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