The Malcies 2021-2022

The Malcies 2021-2022

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Posted In: About Us by Jenn Ferrier, 16th June 2022

Every year we hold our own awards ceremony to celebrate all the cracking talent we have here at Boutique. This year was even more special as we got to do it in person – the photos are firmly under lock and key (but for a coffee or a beer we will happily share!).

It’s a long story as to why they’re called the Malcies, but it all started some time ago with our ornamental pet dog, Malcolm, and the rest is a fuzzy memory.

But seriously the Malcies are exceptionally important to us, it’s our chance to celebrate the amazing work we do and the amazing people who work here. They are even more special because every single one of these awards is voted for by the team for the team. 

Our award categories are based on our company principles as well as some that are just for laughs, and throughout the year we award each other or “give thanks”, for the amazing work that goes on behind the scenes. 

So without further ado, we present the winners of The Malcies:

Top Dog – Ellie O’Kane

Authentic – Will Waldron

Graft – George Rogan

Outcomes – Sophie Nightingale

Pause – Sarah MacLeod

Sprint – Daisy Tucker

Together – Emma Tarleton

Best Client Relationship – Will Waldron & Alex Price

Best Brand Ambassador – Sophie Cork

Most Extraordinary Work/Campaign Achieved – Will Waldron

Most Realised Potential – Daisy Tucker


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