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Posted In: Uncategorised by Ben Jones, 22nd October 2021

With new business wins popping left, right and centre as well as seeing further investment from clients – we have expanded our digital team yet again. We are stoked to introduce the wonderful Charlie. After freelancing in Ibiza working in events and marketing, Charlie came back to sunny Yorkshire to enjoy the nice weather and get away from it all. She loves Leeds United, you can often find her at Elland Road on the weekend smashing pies cheering on her beloved. As always, we sat down with Charlie (never Charlotte) to take time out of her busy day for the inaugural Boutique 60 second interview.


1 – What was your last job?

Prior to working at Boutique I worked in-house for an business energy supplier. However (and probably more interestingly) I also freelanced for a while for a few agencies – whilst living in Ibiza!


2 – Your favourite thing about being at Boutique so far?

100% the people, I feel so at home and like I have been part of the family for years. Everyone is so lovely and welcoming. I’m also really enjoying working with such a range of clients in different industries!


3 – What are the last 3 things you Googled?

Gluten Free Cookie Recipes (for our resident baker – Emma!)

Leeds United Fixtures

Autumn Décor Ideas


4 – You’re on the run, forced to join the circus – what’s your performance? 

I did Gymnastics for about 12 years when I was younger, so you would think I would say something to do with that, on the trapeze or high ropes – but I absolutely hate heights! I could maybe cope with the trampoline, as that was also one of my many hobbies as a child – as long as I don’t have to bounce too high! (I’m also scared of clowns – so something far away from them too please).


5 – Can you recommend a book, film, tv show, anything you’ve enjoyed recently?

Although very gruesome, I binged watched Squidgame last week on Netflix. It’s not normally something I would be into I don’t think, but I was hooked! I watched it with English dubbed over the top, but I heard it’s much better if you watch in Korean with subtitles.


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