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Posted In: Uncategorised by Ben Jones, 26th April 2021

We’ve been busy at Boutique HQ delving into uniforms found on the highstreet to find out which store has the best identity and also which store is ahead of the curve when it comes to fashion. We worked with luxury fashion stylist Miranda Holder and creative strategist Nicola Mawdsley to analyse which employee outfits are the most fashionable and which have the most brand and consumer marketing impact. The research criteria explored practicality, fit and colour scheme, all the way through to brand personality and how distinctive it is to shoppers.

Asda’s uniform came out top overall, largely due to its strong marketing identity, with Home Bargain’s stylish little number deemed the most cat-walk worthy. Fit for the runway, Home Bargain’s uniform was crowned the champion of fashion, followed by McDonalds and Wilko. After working with the likes of Little Mix and Boy George, Miranda scored it highly on practicality, fit, colour scheme and how on trend it was. She commented on Asda’s uniform: “The designers of this uniform knew the transformative power of embellishment, as seen by the eye-catching deep red piping against the muted teal of the anorak and the jaunty welt pockets adding a certain preppy feel. It looks really practical for the staff to wear, whilst not compromising on style.”

Miranda also praised Wilko’s uniform as having “more fabulous unstructured and oversized influences, which are straight off the runways this season” and admired McDonald’s “slinky silhouette,” plus the “edgy palette of charcoals, gunmetal and black.”

But Asda came out on top in the battle of the branding, with Primark and Marks & Spencer in second and third respectively. Nicola commented: “Asda’s uniform looks approachable and affordable, just like their stores. They use their brand identity well with a great level of green versus black.” Asda received high marks for all criteria, and was closely followed by the “totally recognisable” branding of Primark and the “focus on quality” exuded by Marks and Spencer’s uniform.

You can check out the results from the study below!

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