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Posted In: Uncategorised by Ben Jones, 7th April 2021

We’ve got a belter for you here. We’re stoked to be hosting an online event in association with Thinkbox, for them to present their latest piece of research ‘Signalling Success’ on the Wednesday the 14th of April at 4PM.

This is a perfect event to find out more about the benefits and strengths of TV advertising. Whilst TV might not be on your radar, this will prove to be a thought provoking 45 minutes full of insight and useful information covering the value of advertising and comparing media channels, that’s sure to get your cogs turning.

We’ve long believed that the media channels you select can impact the brand message your audience receives.  However, there’s relatively little out there to help us understand and quantify those effects.  We wanted to understand how these signals differ between advertising channels and how we can use them to optimum effect for their brands. You’ll learn a lot during the 45 minute session. Things like which media channel is best for building perceptions of your brand, which media builds the most trust and how TV elevates your brand to a new status in the eyes of the consumer.

Join us and other clients of Boutique for this 45 minute session delivered by our friends at Thinkbox by signing up here.

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