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Posted In: Uncategorised by Ben Jones, 14th December 2020

As much as we try and resist – we can’t help but start to feel a little Christmassy this time of year. With the global pandemic in full swing, it’s been tricky to feel festive without the usual Christmas goings-on. Christmas light switch-ons, Christmas Markets and the beloved panto are no where to be seen.

One thing that is the same however, love them or hate them – are the annual Christmas Ads from your favourite brands and stores. So we decided to do some research to find out the true importance of Christmas adverts, and after 87% of Brits said they are an essential part of the festivities, we delved deeper to find out which was the best of 2020.

Through analysing social listening stats, examining Spotify and Shazam figures and conducting our own general public survey, we dissected 16 popular Christmas campaigns to find the best of the year. 85% of people in the UK agreed that seeing a Christmas TV ad instantly makes them feel more festive, and we’re happy to have put our channels to the test to crown the worthy winner – Tesco’s ‘No Naughty List.’

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