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Posted In: Uncategorised by Ben Jones, 8th May 2020

Paul Oakenfold, Nick Warren and Nightmares on Wax are to join more than 10,000 other DJs worldwide in taking part in the launch of ‘Set For Love’ this weekend.  Set for Love is the world’s largest simultaneous DJ live stream event.  Kicking off from Fri 8th – Sunday 10th May the 72 hour marathon will feature more than 7500 DJs broadcasting across their own channels to raise funds for the COVID-19 Emergency Appeal launched by the Last Night A DJ Saved My Life (LNADJ) charity. Followed by a second Live Set stream on Saturday the 20th of June at 8PM featuring sets from Nick Coz, Nightmares on Wax, Eats Everything and Boutique’s very own DJ Chris Burymarket! You can catch Chris’ set on our Facebook page here. (For more info on the appeal visit 

We’re delighted to be involved with Last Night a DJ Saved my Life, kicking off with Set For Love COVID-19 emergency appeal this weekend. Here’s a bit more into why we’re getting involved and why we need your help to support the Feathers Tale Special Needs Children’s Home in Tanzania.

Due to the demands of poverty, work and no support, parents with special needs children often have no choice but to leave their children alone whilst they work. Some parents are sadly even made homeless by the demands of raising a special needs child alone, which is how the first special needs child arrived at the gates of the Feather Tale Children’s Home.

All of the children living at the centre have underlying health issues which makes them particularly vulnerable to COVID-19. Some of the children have HIV, sadly the stigma surrounding the virus still exists in the community. Others were troubled and traumatised children, whose relatives could not cope.

The charity are working to ensure these children and their families are supported in preventing the spread of the virus and giving them the basic necessities of life during these challenging times when funding and supplies are limited. £55 provides a family with basic living needs (food, etc) as well as hand sanitiser, antibacterial soaps, face masks and a lesson from a social work team about health and safety.

For more information and to donate, please visit


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