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Posted In: Uncategorised by Ben Jones, 31st March 2020

We noticed people’s conversations were changing online, it wasn’t about finding the best outfit for going out in, or where to eat, it was tailored around finding the best board games to alleviate boredom and triumph over your family members during lock-down.

With many people dusting off their Scrabble sets, Guess Who’s and chess boards, new research by price comparison site Idealo revealed Monopoly is really reaping the rewards of the lock-down, reporting a 6,000% sales increase since Corona virus measures were put in place but that wasn’t all the research revealed.

We all know someone who loves to cheat (we know who you are), but we wanted to find out who were the biggest cheaters across the UK. Yes that is correct, we wanted to name and shame. We are looking at you Emily and Ashley.

Launched last week, this reactive campaign has received 20 pieces of coverage from the likes of UniLad, Tyla and The Sun. As well as securing 29,302 comments, 2,433 likes and 1,192 shares on social. We can only apologise to all the Emily’s and Ashley’s we have exposed, but the morale of this story is don’t cheat.


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