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Posted In: Uncategorised by weareboutique, 28th November 2019

You may have seen recently that we went under a bit of a make over, a re-definition of who we are and what we do. With our refreshed brand image in mind, we needed someone to drive the brand and take it to where we wanted to be. It’s all well and good having someone to lead your marketing who can actually do marketing, but it’s a different ball game entirely getting an individual or team who align to your same brand values and actually “get” your brand. Well, then we met Ben.

Ben started off at MMU studying Advertising and Brand Management, then after a couple of years being a ski instructor bum in the cold, he decided to use his degree and pursue a career in marketing. His first roles started as project coordinator and account executive for marketing agencies in Manchester. Then after moving to sunny Leeds in December 2017, he started working for a international content marketing company. His role was to manage their marketing and shout about what they were doing. 18 months later, the company was bought out by one of the biggest players in the industry.

Looking for a change of environment and something more suited to his personality rather than his skillset, he started searching for new opportunities. After spending a month or so working freelance he met Simon, our MD and the rest is more or less history. Ben now heads up our marketing working closely with the directors in helping shape the brand after our refresh at the end of last year.

In his spare time Ben plays drums in some (not very) well known bands, he has a wonderful dog and great hair. (Can you tell Ben wrote this.)

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