The Yorkshire Three Peaks Challenge: What Boutique Learned

The Yorkshire Three Peaks Challenge: What Boutique Learned

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Posted In: Hidden by weareboutique, 4th July 2018

In the wee hours of the morning of the 8th of June, several cars full of Boutiquers headed towards the Yorkshire Dales National Park. With walking boots on our feet, a tonne of energy bars in our bags, and determination in our hearts, we were ready* for what the day had to throw at us.


After a quick squad selfie, we set off into the wilderness at just before 7am. The weather was absolutely glorious. Too glorious, some might say, when you’re outside the entire day walking up steep and never-ending inclines. But it made for spectacular views across the Dales and beyond.


Some quick stats for you, in case you’re not familiar with the peaks:


Pen-y-Ghent – 694 metres

Whernside – 736 metres

Ingleborough – 723 metres


And we did it under 12 hours (most of us).


The walking bit was the worst, the views were breath-taking (though with hindsight this could have been the walking bit), and the team building was a bonus.


Some useful and some not so useful info if you’re thinking of doing the Yorkshire three peaks:


  • Don’t do it hungover
  • Don’t overpack your bag
  • Bring something other than pies to eat
  • Don’t expect to keep all your toenails
  • Apply sun-cream liberally
  • Go with a good bunch of people, it’ll make everything a lot better
  • Don’t forget to take in the amazing scenery
  • Do not take chopped banana pieces as a source of energy. They will turn into brown goo within 1 hour
  • Don’t (Adam) forget (Adam) your (Adam) water (Adam)
  • Short, frequent breaks so you don’t seize up!
  • Fuel in the form of Soreen!
  • Have a pre-walk pedicure – short tootsie nails needed
  • Play inane games – favourite fromage, best biscuit etc
  • ‘Rugged trainers’ and ‘walking boots’ are not the same thing!


We absolutely smashed our target when it came to the fundraising, which may have contributed to the determination bit. Our target was £1k, and at the time of writing our total is £1,392. You can still donate, here.


Will we do it again? The answer is …maybe.


*We really weren’t.


+ work with us Speech Bubble