Traditional PR vs Digital PR

There’s ongoing industry discussion surrounding the role of PR in a fast-evolving digital landscape, with ‘traditional’ PR sometimes siloed.


The truth is, we don’t believe that traditional PR and digital PR are two separate entities. Our aim as an integrated agency is to earn exposure across the most relevant channels – be that print, digital, social or broadcast.


Of course, the landscape is constantly changing and there are an increasing number of touchpoints where audiences are exposed to brand messaging, but PR in its simplest form needs to answer one question – where’s the best place for our client to be seen or heard and who can help us communicate the message?


Once we have the answer to this question, we can develop a holistic, more granular PR strategy that will best serve that purpose.


Magazines, national press, industry blogs, radio, influencer outreach – whatever medium best communicates our clients’ messaging, we’ve got it covered. PR agencies that solely focus on traditional or digital risk missing out on a huge chunk of audience share – print journalism is far from dead just yet, and TV (whether it’s traditional screen time or VOD), continues to reach mass numbers.

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Chris Hughes Jan 30

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