Ikano – Launching a bank to the UK market

Ikano Bank

The brief

Owned by the family that founded IKEA, Ikano is a bank that shares the same values. Their desire is to be seen as a challenger brand, disrupting the perception of the UK banking market by offering financial products which are simple, easy to understand and can help create possibilities for everyone. Differentiation in a noisy and competitive marketplace is their key challenge and they needed a media strategy that would create stand out, drive response but only in a way that was representative of their brand.

We were appointed on recommendation in 2014 to assist with the launch of the company’s inaugural UK bank in 2015.

Our plan

Our campaign is a result of heavy strategic planning focused around audience analysis, market segmentation and competitor reviews. The resulting media strategy provides a platform for the positioning of the brand, whilst maximising exposure to the most suitable audience and creating a strong presence where we know people look for loans.

In short, we adopted our ‘extrapolate, acquire, prospect’ proposition: maximising the opportunity in the loans market and pushing the brand to potential customers, whilst marrying the requirements for response with the necessity to position the brand appropriately.

The challenge and solution

The challenge was positioning Ikano differently and creating a standout, whilst having an unavoidable need to be in the existing loans market and in arenas where people look for loans. We achieved this by…

Working closely with the creative and PR agencies to create one holistic strategy

Adopting a different tone to search

Creating stand out in press to best leverage the ‘unexpected’ creative

Placing advertising in areas where it might not be expected and disrupting the natural associations with banking

Creating stand out through bespoke media activation

The result is media strategy that extrapolates an existing market whilst being mindful of the need to position the brand.

“We are a strategy first agency and believe the value in working with us is in our ability to understand, create order from a disparate brief and drive one, true strategic alignment. In this instance it will set Ikano apart and we truly believe we have created a strategy that marries response with brand.”

– Simon Bollon, our Strategy Director