Ebuyer.com – Collaboration delivers compelling sponsorship

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Ebuyer.com is one of the UK’s leading online electrical retailers, selling everything from TVs and tablets to digital cameras and kettles. From its state of the art warehouse in East Yorkshire, more than 20,000 weekly orders are delivered to customers throughout the UK. We were appointed in 2014 to raise the brand profile.

With very limited historical activity, Ebuyer.com had a very strong brand awareness in a handful of niche markets but was generally considered a platform for geeks to buy computer parts (which they did very well!). The challenge was to position the brand with humour to appeal to a predominantly male audience, and to demonstrate the company’s vast range of products.

The collaboration

After a lengthy negotiation process we secured a year-long deal with the channel Dave and its +1 repeat partner, Dave JaVu. Beginning in January 2015 with sponsorship of the ‘Weekends on Dave’ slot, the Ebuyer.com mentions cover over 36 hours of programming each weekend.

The project was a collaboration with Sheffield-based creative agency UBER who devised a campaign dubbed ‘Big on Tech’. Featuring miniature toy character models interacting with a range of full -sized electronic technology, the character voices were provided by English actor, writer and artist Rufus Jones.

The aim for the collaborative project is for Dave viewers to become familiar with the toy characters as a result of the campaign period, during which ‘idents’ are shown before and after shows on Dave between 9pm and 2am on weekends, as well as various slots during Saturday and Sunday daytime.

The sponsorship agreement is demonstration of our belief in collaboration driving better results, and the end result is the consequence of working in harmony with the client, media owner and creative agency.

“This is a great opportunity to get the Ebuyer.com brand out to a wider audience. We’ve already had great success with our radio campaigns working with Boutique earlier in the year, so the progression to sponsorship on TV in 2015 will help us make more potential customers aware of Ebuyer.com. Boutique worked hard on the negotiation and we’re delighted with the result”

– Stuart Carlisle, Ebuyer.com MD