Launching herdy®sleep mattresses to market

March 24th, 2017 by Louise Trent

herdysleep mattress

We’re excited to announce our latest client project, the launch of British luxury mattress company herdy®sleep.

We’re known for being ambitious, and we’re big on working with clients that have personality, care about the customer journey and offer a good cultural fit with our team. A brand-new venture by Lake District’s much loved The Herdy Company, herdy®sleep were looking for a digital marketing agency to support their industry launch. With refreshing brand values and opportunities for industry stand-out, it’s an opportunity that had us hooked from the off!

Born in the Lake District, The Herdy Company was dreamed up and made a reality by husband and wife duo Spencer & Diane Hannah, who envisioned creating design-focused lifestyle pieces inspired by the Lake’s own Herdwick sheep. Fast forward to ten years on, The Herdy Company has now become a hugely successful brand recognised for quirky but practical homewares featuring the adorable mascot, Herdy himself. Having developed their offering into gifts, babyware and kitchenware, it was only a matter of time before The Herdy Company took on a new adventure altogether. Cue herdy®sleep, a collaboration made in heaven with luxury mattress manufacturers Harrison Spinks. Together they create luxury mattresses made from ethically sourced Herdwick sheep wool, all manufactured in Yorkshire.

Herdwick sheep fleece

We’re working with the team to guide customers through the mattress journey, to communicate the importance of sustainable farming that keeps waste to a minimum, and to drive sales of the company’s artisan quality mattress with unrivalled craftsmanship. Some of us were lucky enough to test out the traditionally tufted mattresses ourselves and it’s safe to say that we were ready to snooze off with ease.

After months of planning, we’re excited for the campaign to be underway and we look forward to helping the team dominate the luxury mattress market.