Digital Jargon Buster

May 15th, 2015 by Sarah Gough

Digital Jargon Buster Feature

When it comes to marketing and communications, tech talk reigns supreme.

Over here at Boutique, it’s near impossible to hold a conversation without the odd acronym or buzzword making an appearance – it’s part of the parcel when you position yourselves as experts. Of course, not everyone can be expected to know their UIs from their UXs, which is why we’re always quick to translate the technical jargon into something more straightforward and digestible (link juice is a much nicer way to describe the equity collected by a site via links from external sources, after all).

But what if you’re caught off-guard by a marketing acronym, a PR catchphrase or strange SEO gobbledygook? For those less familiar, we’ve put together the first in our series of jargon busters; this time around, digital takes centre stage, with every expression that could ever puzzle you, from 301 and 302 errors through to Webmaster Tools and XML sitemaps.

We Are Boutique’s Digital Jargon BusterDigital jargon buster

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A day in the life of a media consumer

June 27th, 2014 by Elliot Jones

Here at Boutique we look at customer journeys, accessing a vast range of tools that allow us to plot a consumer’s route to acquisition, whether the product be insurance, a conservatory or a brand new bike. We start by analysing a client’s customer base, where we develop a deep understanding of their core market, and then plot a strategy that reaches their audience at various touch points.

To demonstrate this we’ve plotted a day in the life of a media consumer: a 23 year old male with an office job. He fits within a demographic that many marketeers wish to target, and by taking into account the multitude of avenues relevant to him, we show how he can be reached more efficiently and effectively.

Click on the image to see it full-size!

A day in the life of a media consumer

The customer journey is full of complexities, and the route to acquisition differs depending on both the target audience and the product or service. By noting each touch point that occurs on these distinct journeys, marketeers can be more successful in the delivery of ads.

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Radio in numbers

May 19th, 2014 by Elliot Jones

Want to know how many people listen to the radio? What about how many listen digitally, and via which device? And how about the reach of each group – who’s standing out right now? We’ve put recent Rajar data into an infographic which demonstrates the figures in a fun yet factual way. If you find it interesting, be sure to share it with your own followers, and tweet us @boutiquemc to let us know!

Radio in Numbers Infographic

Recommended Agency Register Report

April 7th, 2014 by Sarah Gough

A while ago we announced (with delight) that we’re highly rated on the Recommended Agency Register. After receiving a full breakdown of our client ratings and reviews, we decided to transform it into an eye-catching piece of content, sharing our glowing report in infographic form.

Check out our fantastic RAR report to discover what our clients really think of us…

RAR Report Infographic: Boutique

We’re thrilled that our clients rate us so highly with the Recommended Agency Register, and will continue to work hard to deliver the fantastic service, knowledge and value that is synonymous with the Boutique brand.

Sky in numbers infographic

April 3rd, 2014 by Simon Bollon

We recently received an update from Sky sales about the reach and performance of the group. The numbers make for interesting reading! We’ve kindly cut the report down into nice bite size chunks, providing you with the facts and figures about the mass media giant in the form of a fantastically fun infographic…

Sky in Numbers Infographic - Boutique

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