Facebook releases Canvas – a new immersive ad platform for mobiles

February 29th, 2016 by Louise Trent

29.02.16-compressor HARD

The last week has seen a new product introduction from Facebook; Canvas, a brand new ad platform which aims to see brands and products brought to life when viewed on a mobile. Canvas is a post-click advertising space which allows you to host a full-screen and interactive advert aimed to allow brands to engage with their customers almost seamlessly.

A real concern that Facebook has voiced is that click-through content hosted on separate websites is often slow to load and can create a disjointed experience for a customer – a sure-fire way to lose the interest of your target audience. What we now have is an almost instantaneous advert load with the ability to host a mix of video, images, text and call-to-action buttons all in one advert. You can even upload tilt-to-view panoramic videos!

With more searches now being carried out on a mobile and with 73% of its ad revenue made up with mobile(!) (Facebook Q4 2015 Results), Facebook clearly felt it important to significantly improve the customer experience and build customer engagement levels.

Chris Jones, Head of Creative Technology and Facebook Creative Shop gave the following comment on Canvas:

“We made the creative community a priority when we designed and built Canvas. It’s a product that represents our commitment to creative craft and delivering the best mobile experience for businesses and people”.

I think it’s fair to say that rich media advertising is where it’s at, and where it’s going to be, in upcoming months. Certainly when the promise of high customer engagement is luring advertisers to spend on the new Facebook advertising craze. The aim is also for tracking to be even more robust by keeping customers on Facebook throughout the ad experience, rather than customers dropping off after click-through.

Canvas has already allowed some of the biggest advertisers to promote products and create engaging brand-strengthening campaigns. Burberry, ASUS and L’Occitane are just a few who have trialled the platform.

Coca-Cola have built a Canvas ad campaign to launch their new series of Aluminium Bottle. The campaign managed to reach 16 million people and achieve an average view time of 18 seconds.

Confirmed: Google to Stop Showing Ads On Right Side of Desktop Search Results

February 22nd, 2016 by Ryan Roodt


Google has started rolling out a change to Google AdWords that sees 4 ads at the top of the search results, none on the sidebar at all, and an additional 3 ads at the bottom of the search results. So what does that look like on the SERP? (These are just examples):


Google SERP before Adwords change


Google SERP after the Adwords change

So what does this mean for our account?

As it stands there is no official word from Google and the rollout will continue throughout February globally. It is very much early days and there is no indication on what impact this will have but we predict the following could potentially happen:

1   Positions one and four have now become prime real estate and enter a new level of competitiveness, which in turn could cause a spike in the cost per click, cost and cost per conversions.

2   We expect to see cost being very sporadic for a while, or at least until the dust settles.

3   Any adverts that serve at positions five and lower will see a drop in clicks and interactions, however the CPC should remain the same if not cheaper.

4   Google Shopping will remain at the top of the results pages, which should then mean a spike in interactions with shopping campaigns.

5   Short term, there will probably be a drop off in traffic if your market is reliant on desktop search.

6   Expect increased use of bidding on competitor brand names in the search for replacement traffic.


Why have Google made this change?

As stated there has been no official announcement from Google, but it’s clear that this change has been made to fit with Google’s big push towards the “mobile experience”! The new SERP reflects what you would expect to see on a mobile phone SERP and the numbers speak for themselves:

“On average 100 billion searches occur every month. Mobile overtook the desktop as the number one source of traffic this summer” October 2015, Amit Singhal (Google Search chief)

Mobile has been at the forefront of what Google have been talking about for a few months now and this change only falls in line with consumer behaviour. The modern day web consumer will have a smart phone and conduct the majority of their searches via this medium.

What does this mean for natural search?

There is no way of avoiding the elephant in the room, SEO will also be affected by this recent update. If Google are showing four PPC ads with ad extensions and potentially moving shopping results below the PPC ads, it clearly doesn’t leave much room for natural results. Is this a massive oversight on behalf of Google or is it another clever move by the search giants?

Seeing opportunities where others see obstacles

The team at We Are Boutique see this new change as an opportunity and not an obstacle! Our paid search foundations have always been placed in building accounts around a high quality score and we truly believe that the key to using this update is going to be quality score and a better consumer experience!

You don’t need to throw money at your account, you just need to ensure that your account is refined, well-structured with relevant ad-copy, contains the keywords you’re targeting and the landing page needs to contain engaging content. By using this approach, you will naturally see a lower CPC, a better consumer engagement (CTR) and a better stream of quality traffic to your site.

If you do have any questions about the latest change and want some more insight, please don’t hesitate to give us a shout… The team are always happy to help!

We’ve been shortlisted!

February 3rd, 2016 by Simon Bollon

Yorkshire Business Masters

On March 17th, 38 innovative and inspirational businesses will gather at Royal Armouries Hall in Leeds to await the verdict of the Yorkshire Business Masters. And we’ll be among them!

We’ve been shortlisted for Small Business of the Year (size doesn’t matter, people!) and we’ll be joining 500 revellers for an evening of entertainment, exceptional hosting and VIP guests.

From humble beginnings we’ve developed a burgeoning reputation for being a strategically creative comms agency and it’s no secret we want to be the most famous agency in the UK.

Each of our 14-strong champions have been handpicked to create a bustling, ambitious, proud and hardworking collective. Better people; better results. That’s what we live by and we’re ridiculously chuffed to have been shortlisted after hearing there were nearly 150 entries!

See you at the after party…