A day in the life of a media consumer

June 27th, 2014 by Elliot Jones

Here at Boutique we look at customer journeys, accessing a vast range of tools that allow us to plot a consumer’s route to acquisition, whether the product be insurance, a conservatory or a brand new bike. We start by analysing a client’s customer base, where we develop a deep understanding of their core market, and then plot a strategy that reaches their audience at various touch points.

To demonstrate this we’ve plotted a day in the life of a media consumer: a 23 year old male with an office job. He fits within a demographic that many marketeers wish to target, and by taking into account the multitude of avenues relevant to him, we show how he can be reached more efficiently and effectively.

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A day in the life of a media consumer

The customer journey is full of complexities, and the route to acquisition differs depending on both the target audience and the product or service. By noting each touch point that occurs on these distinct journeys, marketeers can be more successful in the delivery of ads.

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Agency Partner Pool & Pong Night

June 9th, 2014 by Sarah Gough

BoutiqueRoxyThursday evening saw Boutique’s inaugural agency partners night at Roxy Ball Room in Leeds, where we had a brilliant night filled with pool, pong, pizza and pints!


The competitions kicked off and it was immediately clear that there were a couple of professional pongers and poolers in our midst (as well as a fair few with atrocious hand eye coordination). The stand-out player was unquestionably Ragil from My Social Agency, much to Simon’s frustrations…

The winners were announced and the trophies went down a treat!


And of course, where there are winners there are always losers. Both Elliot and Steve were devastated to receive the worst pong and pool player trophies, and continue to insist that it was a fix. Sore losers, eh?



The night turned out to be a huge success and we can’t wait to host our next agency partners evening. Want to hear more? Tweet us @boutiquemc!

New National Trust Campaign

June 5th, 2014 by Simon Bollon

Our latest work with the National Trust has just gone live in York and Newcastle. Emblazoned across the cities’ buses, the campaign encourages people to get out into the great outdoors, listing just a few of the best National Trust spots where you can find your ‘escape’.

National Trust Bus

National Trust Bus 2


National Trust Bus 4

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Yorkshire 3 Peaks for Simon on the Streets

June 2nd, 2014 by Sarah Gough

Friday was a day to remember for four of Boutique’s bravest soldiers.

At 4.45am, a bleary-eyed PPC Executive waited patiently on the mean streets of Leeds. Armed with six bottles of Lucozade Sport and a tiny pair of shorts, Luke was relieved to see his comrade’s car pull up on the curb. Bidding each other good morning in a series of sleepy grunts, the tired duo embarked on their journey. Luke and Tom were heading to the Yorkshire Dales, where they planned to conquer Whernside, Ingleborough and Pen-y-ghent in aid of homeless charity Simon on the Streets.

Though a King of Keywords at work, Luke struggled to understand the complexities of a SatNav, causing their journey to be anything but smooth. Thankfully, they made it safely to the edge of Harrogate, where they were joined by Simon, the Big Boss. The three of them continued on their travels and arrived in Horton by 7am, where the quartet was completed by the arrival of Boutique’s very own seasoned hiker, Elliot.

From childish excitement and eternal optimism to blissful ignorance and some trepidation, the boys had mixed feelings about the day that lay ahead. But despite their differing emotions, they all had the same craving. They made their way to the coffee tap and filled up, well aware that their next caffeine fix may not be for 12 hours. Tom also opted to sample some of the complimentary porridge, but quickly realised it wasn’t complimentary…

The walk began positively, with perfect conditions for a 24.5m mile hike. Despite its steepness, the boys completed the first peak in no time, though they all agreed that it was much more difficult than they expected…

3 Peaks Boutique 1


Luke’s hair, his pride and joy, remaining perfectly coiffed throughout the day.



The boys enjoying the view.


Simon distraught as he struggles to get signal.






Nature called.


Tom needs to be Photoshopped into this one…


That’s better!

Though it was a tough day leading to aches, pains and many a blister, Team Boutique had a brilliant time. Not only did they conquer one of Yorkshire’s most difficult climbs and raise money for an excellent charity, but the walk was a fantastic team building activity too. And, in the words of Luke, “It made me appreciate the little things in life. Like pavements.”

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