West Yorkshire’s new MCard

April 29th, 2014 by Sarah Gough

West Yorkshire Combined Authority (Metro) and The West Yorkshire Ticketing Company (Ticco) have launched a new Metro Travel discount card, the MCard.

The new MCard is about to transform the way we get about on public transport in our region. Working with the creative agency ‘Our Agency’, who are based in Wakefield, we have provided an integrated campaign targeting a wide range of audiences including students, young adults and the urban commuter.

Media selection includes a 30-second cinema and poster campaign across West Yorkshire, along with The Yorkshire Metro and Evening Post, as well as digital displays at Leeds Station and the Trinity mall. This is all topped off with social media support through Boutique Digital, who will utilise Facebook and Twitter.

The campaign runs from April 28th until the middle of June.

Let’s talk about arousal

April 28th, 2014 by Elliot Jones

The physiological and psychological state of being awake or reactive to stimuli, that is.

Arousal includes an elevated heart rate and blood pressure, and sensory alertness that makes us more mobile and ready to respond. The phenomenon can be traced back to the brains of our great ancestors the reptiles. Now, we don’t have to flee from predators or defend ourselves as often as our scaly green cousins do, but our brains continue to be wired in that way.

When it comes to content, if it’s arousing, it’s shareable.

High arousal emotions include excitement, astonishment, delight and eagerness, along with shock, fear and frustration. Lower down the chart are jealousy, nervousness, hope and pride, while boredom, depression, calm and sleepiness linger at the bottom.

Contagious content evokes high arousal emotions. Whether we’re left crying with laughter or shaking with anger, we are much more likely to share the piece on Twitter, post a status about it on Facebook or email the link to a friend. Just think about it – at the beginning of the year, the video about dolphin killing in Japan was all over the web, and it was impossible to scroll through a social feed without screenshots of a blood-filled ocean appearing. Japan’s US ambassador, Caroline Kennedy, also tweeted about the slaughter season, and in no time at all she received over 4,500 retweets and 2,400 favourites. The content was horrifying, distressing and anger-inducing, and that’s why it was shareable.

Content that arouses at the pleasurable end of the spectrum is equally as successful. Memes involving Grumpy Cat are constantly on circulation, while Ellen De Generes’ Oscars selfie was shared over 2m times on Twitter. Along with hilarious internet celebrities and star-studded selfies, over the top proposals, cute babies and embarrassing moments are always guaranteed to reach virality.

Just try it. We guarantee that these pieces of high arousal content will leave you with the urge to share!

Click the image to see the full high-arousal post…

Baby Orangutan

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Online Advertising in Numbers

April 15th, 2014 by Elliot Jones

Online Advertising in Numbers

Today we’ve created another fantastic infographic – this time, we’re looking at the facts and figures of internet advertising. Tweet us @boutiquemc and let us know what you think!

Colour psychology: why we chose our brand colours

April 7th, 2014 by Elliot Jones

Colour has always been an important part of the human experience, ever since man began to understand that red means pain and danger, those bright purple berries are poisonous, and that yellow and blue spotted frog is probably not palatable. Colours have deep subliminal meanings and can dramatically alter moods and inspire reactions. On a basic level, the shades on the warmer side of the spectrum tend to inspire boldness and energy, while the cool colours are calming. When it comes to branding and logos, the psychology of colour is particularly relevant; the right hue is not only a good representation of your business and products, but can alter the way that consumers feel, and how you stand out on the market.

Colours Mean BrandsThe truth of it is, we’d  be lying if we said the psychology of colour was an important factor in the choosing of our brand colours. Rather, our aim was to simply inject colour into the drab, grey world of the media, introducing some creativity, personality and variety into the mix. However, when reconsidering our choices, colour theory really rings true. A coincidence? Perhaps. Or maybe we really were drawn in by the psychology of colour – albeit unconsciously – and ultimately selected shades that perfectly represent our brand and inspire the responses we desire.

From our office decor and website to our letterheads and business cards, the Boutique colours shine bright throughout every aspect of the business. They are the perfect representation of our brand, both in their diversity (we opted for several vivid shades – after all, why have one brand colour when you can have seven?!) and their individual meanings.

We Are Boutique: Brand Colours

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Recommended Agency Register Report

April 7th, 2014 by Sarah Gough

A while ago we announced (with delight) that we’re highly rated on the Recommended Agency Register. After receiving a full breakdown of our client ratings and reviews, we decided to transform it into an eye-catching piece of content, sharing our glowing report in infographic form.

Check out our fantastic RAR report to discover what our clients really think of us…

RAR Report Infographic: Boutique

We’re thrilled that our clients rate us so highly with the Recommended Agency Register, and will continue to work hard to deliver the fantastic service, knowledge and value that is synonymous with the Boutique brand.

Sky in numbers infographic

April 3rd, 2014 by Simon Bollon

We recently received an update from Sky sales about the reach and performance of the group. The numbers make for interesting reading! We’ve kindly cut the report down into nice bite size chunks, providing you with the facts and figures about the mass media giant in the form of a fantastically fun infographic…

Sky in Numbers Infographic - Boutique

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