Content marketing: measure your success with our chart

February 26th, 2014 by Simon Bollon

No matter how compelling your content, there is no point in investing time and resource into creating a piece if it is not benefiting your business in the long run. The best way to measure your content marketing return on investment is by taking into consideration your goals, the process you must go through to achieve them, and whether your methods tick the boxes of a successful campaign.

By keeping track of your performance you will be able to plan ahead efficiently: that means focusing on the best types of content, understanding low performers, dodging misfires, and budgeting effectively. Our chart exemplifies what you want, what you have to do to achieve it, and the data that demonstrates accomplishment – if your answer is ‘yes’ to the final column, you’ve got yourself success!

ROI Content Marketing Chart - Boutique

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Social Media Week 2014

February 18th, 2014 by Sarah Gough

Social Media Infographic BoutiqueYesterday marked the beginning of Social Media Week 2014, a time for the discussion of the transient technology landscape that impacts us individually, professionally and socially.

We occupy a time that is experiencing one of the biggest shifts in communication in human history. As such, Social Media Week aims to provide the best information, ideas and inspiration to show people how to achieve more in a super connected world.

Since its 2009 inception, SMW has gone from strength to strength. The 17th – 21st February 2014 will see approximately 30,000 people spanning the continents engaging in the conversation. The dedicated forum for discourse about social media will see talks about the rise, direction and potential of the technology, as well as highlighting its downfalls, such as negative effects on careers and relationships.

This year’s global theme is The Future of Now: Always On, Always Connected. One of SMW14’s main aims is to help people both appreciate and temper the pull of technology, thus maintaining ‘humanness’ amidst the disruption that social media entails.

As the above infographic demonstrates, various social media platforms provide amazing sharing potential, conversation, networking, and commercial opportunities. It enables people to interact no matter the time or place, meaning old friends can remain connected, and new ones can be made. What’s more, social media is a repository of unlimited information, educating users and keeping them up-to-date with news.

On the other hand, social media has been argued time and time again as a dehumaniser, causing us to become less like people and more like profiles. Removing the need for face to face connection, the spread of the technology totally circumvents the nonverbal communication tools of facial expressions and body language. Add to this the matters of trolling and catfishing, and you’ve got a recipe for disaster.

Whatever your opinion on the matter, there’s no denying that the technology will continue to flourish. SMW14 demonstrates just this: our communications paradigm has shifted, and will continue to, paving the way for an ever more hyper-connected world.

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RAJAR Round-Up

February 6th, 2014 by Simon Bollon

The latest figures from radio audience measuring body Rajar show that 91% of the nation tune in every week, and listen on average for 21.3 hours per week. It seems that radio is experiencing a resurgence, with both the BBC’s listening up 2.92% and commercial listening up 5.1% year on year.

Digital growth continues, with 27.7m people now listening via a digital device – that’s a 10% increase year on year. The share of all radio listening digitally now stands at 36.1%.


While 25% of adults have listened to radio using a mobile, 45% of 15-24 year olds use their phones to tune in.

In terms of listening in the workplace, figures show that 15% of people listen at work, while 22% switch on in the car, and 62% tune in at home.

By group, Capital remains the leading brand. Continuing to push themselves as ‘national radio delivered locally’, they have a nation-wide reach of 7.7m, and 2.2m in London alone. However, along with Heart, they are down overall, so it’s not all good news!

Bauer continue to see real success in their attempts to dominate digital-only platforms, with the top 3 digital commercial stations in their portfolio: Absolute ’80s, Planet Rock and Kisstory.

Real Radio had a shocker though, with EVERY station in the network down quarter on quarter.

TalkSport again saw success off the back of an innovative approach. Their investment in programming and content led to a growth of 6% year on year, now reaching over 3m listeners.


The Best 2014 Super Bowl Ads

February 3rd, 2014 by Sarah Gough

With a worldwide audience of approximately 100 million people, the Super Bowl is not simply a game of American Football, but a huge money-maker. The multiple breaks throughout the game make it the perfect business opportunity, and each year corporations spend more and more cash on advertising their product to a huge audience.

If the advert doesn’t make a big statement, it’ll just get lost in the shuffle. Spots cost up to $4m, so it is essential that the commercial is intelligent, innovative, and memorable. Companies strive to create content that people are going to want to discuss, and if their audience is left disappointed, a huge amount of money has been wasted.

Here are our favourites from this year…






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