mobile strategy still playing catch up

May 8th, 2013 by Simon Bollon

Mobile usage is growing significantly and mobile advertising is the biggest growth area for agencies in 2013. As an indication of the growth in the sector spend on mobile advertising is now estimated at £526m in 2012 whilst in 2008 it was only £29m

The issue we are seeing constantly is the quality of advertising being served and this is the biggest challenge to advertisers at present. Most ads are poor in quality and clumsy, designed for larger screens we often see those same ads used in mobile strategies or poorly edited versions. When they are done correctly it isn’t unusual to see a a website not created for the mobile platform

Further, sites and apps that carry the advertising are still finding a way around the disruptive nature of the advertising…much akin to online advertising 10 years ago

Consumers are connected to their mobiles 24/7 with a 3rd of all shoppers using a mobile whilst shopping and growing numbers of people ‘dual screening’ when watching TV. Therefore it is vital that advertising is relevant, time sensitive and of interest…essentially, it needs to be strategic

The opportunity for advertisers is enormous. Take one household where an individual is using the mobile to follow a recipe, another is checking scores across the leagues whilst watching a football game live on TV and the child is searching for the answers to a tricky homework question; all huge opportunities for pertinent, well targeted advertising that is relevant to the consumer and valuable to the advertisers.

The payment market is currently focused on developing platforms for person to person payment apps. Barclaycard were the first to market (with mixed success) but all banks and payment providers are working hard (and quickly) in an attempt to produce the market leading P2P platform. This will only enhance the usability of the smartphone and further ensconce it in the daily life of the consumer…and businesses for that matter!

Mobiles remain personal so strategies are essential. Mobile strategies must be part of the wider marketing approach where quality, relevance and usability are key; mobile is no different. A well developed mobile strategy now will reap dividends in months and years to come.