TV in Numbers

April 10th, 2013 by Simon Bollon

A common conversation with clients at the moment is around how TV viewing is changing and equally how ‘TV’ viewing is in decline due to the growing number of other viewing formats. Equally, we are mindful of red button technology and how this impacts on the visibility of clients advertising. To find out how we are managing this through effective buying, just ask!

The following statistics from Marketing Week (20 March 2013) make interesting reading on this subject:

TV accounts for 26% of all UK media spend

90% of all media impacts are audio-visual

40% of Twitters peak time traffic is on the subject of TV – demonstrating the volume of ‘real’ time viewing and how people choose to engage in real time.

Youtube has 900m monthly viewers – TV audiences aren’t shifting, we simply consume more video content across more vairous platforms

80% of all TV’s shipped in 2013 will be Smart TV’s

SkyGo has 2.8m active viewers and the number is growing rapidly – up 75% yr on yr

In December 2012, 31% of BBC iplayer views came via mobile devices

37m people watched a video or TV programme online