Latest Press ABC

March 13th, 2013 by Simon Bollon

It offers no surprise that the latest ABC has show decreases across the board for both the dailies and Sunday press titles.

In the dailies the average yr on yr decreases was 8.7% with an average daily total of 8.5m papers being sold versus 9.3m for the same period last year. The biggest loss were seen by the Independent which haemorrhaged 44% of its circulation but of course this was simply transferred to the i which saw a growth of 39% from 210k to 292,430.

The Times will be the happiest of all with circulation dropping by only 4.5% (that’s a good result versus the market!) whilst they continue to see good numbers from the digital sign ups and the ipad version subscription.

The Sun, the UK’s biggest circulating daily saw a 10% decline though January added some volume due to their perennial £9.50 holiday promotion.

In the Sunday market The Sunday Sun posted an average sales volume of 2,023,554 for the period Aug 12 – Jan 13 but did see sales drop from 2.13m in Augfust to 1.88m in December so the early volume realised as a result of the death of the News of The World has quickly turned to decline.

Elsewhere it was a horror show for the popular press titles with significant declines across the board:

Sunday Mirror lost 40.9%
Sunday People lost 45.5%
Sunday Mail lost 22.9%
Daily Star Sunday lost 43.7%