It’s a sell out

December 20th, 2012 by Simon Bollon

The Launch of the Official Commemorative book of the 2012 Olympics from Wiley has been such a success that they sold out!

Naturally, we’re taking all the credit for a fantastic media campaign.

Fortunately, further printing is taking place so you can still snap one up!

ITV brand refresh a hit

December 11th, 2012 by Simon Bollon

ITV recently held their annual ‘Upfronts’ conference which has historically been an opportunity to showcase the year ahead. However, this year was slightly different as the broadcaster took advertisers and agencies through the new ITV rebrand which follows the somewhat recent restructure of the sales team.

Its fair to say that ITV had become somewhat staid. They were a spot advertising sales house, still delivering the biggest reach platform in the UK despite the current disparate viewing patterns, but lacking in real creativity and/or an approach to harnessing strong relationships that other major ad sales houses were prospering with.

The changes started earlier this year with a redefining of the sales team that saw a new approach of ‘collaboration’. A theory that has been borne out, certainly in our experience. The sales team are now more active in developing an understanding of the client roster and there is a more visible desire to provide multi platform options to clients that might have historically failed to transpire.

So what of the re-brand?

There have been various comments from an array of creative heads but in the main its been well received.

Certainly it is less corporate than the old logo and embraces the core attributes that ITV believes in which are engagement and friendliness.

Much like the sales team the core objective of ITV is to remain the ‘prime persuader’, the host of the most memorable and engaging content. Ultimately, I think the logo is warm, welcoming and (from a marketing point of view) flexible in the colour spectrum it uses. The ads in which we have seen it to date make the most of that flexibility and I think it is a re-brand that the audience will like.

As for 2103, ITV endeavour to be the leaders in content, entertainment, fun and sport. I suspect 2013 will be a good year for ITV.

Sky Adsmart – a new way to buy TV

December 4th, 2012 by Simon Bollon

The Boutique team recently attended a Sky presentation in deepest darkest Manchester and a thoroughly informative presentation it was with the highlight in my humble opinion being Jamie West’s update on Sky’s new AdSmart system which is due to launch next year on a limited basis.

In essence AdSmart turns the Sky HD Set Top Box into a dynamic ad server enabling a whole new way of targeting consumers combining the amazing power of TV, Sky’s in-depth knowledge of their customers along with external sources such as Experian’s Mosaic data.

AdSmart has been in development for some time now and some industry cynics suggest it will never get off the ground however Sky are confident the system will roll out next year with staff taking part in early trials January/February before a limited number of advertisers get to trial the system before a small scale roll out:
Phase 1 – summer 2013 – offers a fixed menu of segmentation and targeting, and is limited to Sky Wholly owned channels.
Phase 2 – 12-18 months later – Sky will be able to match their own database and an advertiser’s data set, and target accordingly.

By the time of launch in August 2013 Sky will have mapped their customer base with approximately 90 attributes or segments that can be cross-tabbed, the Sky customer data will be enhanced with third party data from trusted industry sources such as such as Experian. Segmentation will at the outset (I believe)include Life stage, Kids Ages, TV Region, City, Financial Outlook, Home Ownership, Affluence and Mosaic Lifestyle and will include frequency capping. However the most obvious ready-made market and perhaps for ITV and local media outlets, the most challenging aspect of the service is the ability to offer advertisers the option of regionality.

Although there are levels of regionality on offer already from the large macro areas that Five TV and Channel 4 offer through to the smaller regional areas of ITV, what Adsmart offers is something completely different. It will not only target all of the existing ISBA regions which in itself is a major move for Sky but then it takes it a stage further by offering the option to target all of the major conurbation’s. This creates a new a new regional targeting option which is more akin to a local press or radio campaign than a TV campaign, so for instance a campaign could include regionality, age and a mosaic segment….a far more sophisticated targeting approach than is currently available with any broadcaster.

Initially Sky will be limiting the amount of inventory they sell via AdSmart to 5% of their total inventory, it will however no doubt lead to a further haemorrhaging of revenue from ITV, local radio and perhaps more fatally to a local press industry which is already on its knees. This is potentially a real game changer in the way that TV is planned and delivered and Sky very much see this as the way forward but other broadcaster shouldn’t worry too much as Sky apparently are willing to share their technology at what I imagine will be a fairly hefty price but can they afford to say no??