What would you expect from Yorkshire’s finest media agency?

October 23rd, 2012 by Simon Bollon

The launch of a new promotional campaign for Boutique is live on the Business Desk (all part of a fully integrated campaign of course).

Practise what you preach and all that…


Training plateau’s

October 19th, 2012 by Simon Bollon

Oh my aching body!

It’s Wednesday and I have failed in my allotted running task…500m at 9kph followed by 500m at 13kph then back to 9kph for 500m and back up to 13kph for 500m…you get the idea!

I was supposed to do this for 5km….I stopped at 3km. My calf cramped up and I had so many stitches in my stomach I am probably going to be on the front cover of needlework today! I don’t know what happened, I did 8km on Monday and I thought I had made the breakthrough but today it all went wrong, I could put it down to the fact I had to stop twice whilst running.

A photographer for Fatboy Monthly wanted to take a snap of me pounding away which I agreed to on the basis that I might be an inspiration to chunky blokes everywhere…and then my wife called; she called not once, not twice but three times while I was on the treadmill and I ignored the first two calls but a third… it must be urgent so I stopped and of course it was nothing urgent she was just seeing how I was…exhausted was the answer! So after those two interruptions all my energy levels just disappeared, the way my fat refuses to do so and that was it, I struggled to do 3km before my body packed it in as a bad job.

I retired back to the office to think about my next session which is 7km which seems like a marathon distance after today. So anyway I failed in my running task this week which means that I am well behind on my overall schedule and I have not even ventured out on the road yet…thank god the run is November 2013…I wish!

A Boutique Media Week in Tweets :: 2012-10-12

October 12th, 2012 by Simon Bollon

Joy Division add to the pain!

October 12th, 2012 by Simon Bollon

It’s been a while since I last reported on my evolution from a pie eating slob to an athlete in the image of Usain Bolt, well the news is not overwhelmingly positive…somehow I am still resembling a pie eating slob and the training is getting harder not easier.

Last week I had a little set back to y regime, I damaged my big toe whilst playing five aside…oh alright I dropped a six pack on it which meant I had to forgo any kind of training which obviously meant I relaxed a bit on the food and drink intake…what I mean is I upped them considerably and sent the Bolt like athlete that is deep inside back deep inside me!

I did start the week with a 6k treadmill run which was hard…very hard and made considerable worse by the fact that I had somehow deleted all my tunes on my phone apart from a Joy Division album which had somehow duplicated each track…struggling to run 6k after a heavy weekend whilst listening to the same JD track twice was almost more than I could bear. Somehow I struggled through it but JD are taking a rest from my i-tunes for a while!

Did another 6k on the treadmill yesterday although I was slightly put off my some idiot next to me sprinting for half an hour instead of jogging (is that allowed) which made me realise how unfit I actually am…it was Simon next to me and I thought I was going to keep up with him in the race if not beat him, not a chance!

The plan this weekend is to take it easy food and drink wise and attempt a run in the great outdoors….if you think you hear thunder on Sunday fear not it’s just me jogging in a neighbourhood near you!

One call make the right call in appointing Boutique

October 12th, 2012 by Simon Bollon

We’re delighted to announce that we have been appointed as the media agency for One Call Insurance Limited.

The appointment sees Boutique Media Communications working on television planning and buying for One Call Insurance with a campaign that launches Monday 8th October promoting a unique three year price guarantee offer.

One Call Insurance has been offering customers cheaper car insurance quotes since 1995 and this campaign see’s the promotion of their exclusive three year price guarantee.

Kelly Diver, Marketing Manager for One Call Insurance said: “We appointed Boutique Media Communications after the agency demonstrated strong buying power but also provided insight and strategy that will prove critical to the future success of our acquisition process.”

Simon Bollon, Director of Boutique Media said: “We are delighted with the appointment. One Call Insurance is a brand to whom we feel we can add real value and our strategy and planning will see their acquisition activity improve greatly. We have worked hard to build the insight division of our business and we hope this will help us to become a crucial partner to One Call Insurance with their on-going marketing activity.”