A Boutique Media Week in Tweets :: 2012-09-28

September 28th, 2012 by Simon Bollon

  • Thanks to Specific Media for the sweets! http://t.co/F0baaVaV #
  • Not happy about this being in the office. These things are the devil! http://t.co/kZVYsinm #
  • 'To sell Joe Bloggs what Joe Bloggs buys, one must see Joe Bloggs through Joe Bloggs eyes'. Bit old school but I kinda get it! #
  • Nice little infographic on The Evolution of Digital Advertising http://t.co/Ujlr8nYE #

A Boutique Media Week in Tweets :: 2012-09-21

September 21st, 2012 by Simon Bollon

  • Nice piece of DM from the #Telegraph The UK's largest read quality title with reach of 1.9m. http://t.co/vGFgafnU #
  • I'm looking for a bespoke packaging company who could create branded bread loaf packaging…I know, its odd but if you know anyone…?! #
  • A contact/colleague/friend of mine is looking for an AD role. Great experience, great person. Please RT and contact me if you have anything #

This is easy….!

September 19th, 2012 by Simon Bollon

Steve’s Blog…number 2

After being totally wiped out by having the wrong session on Monday I vowed to avoid  contact with my personal trainer/motivator/sadist until at least Friday when my next hour of torture is scheduled for, by then hopefully all parts of my body will have stopped aching including the parts I didn’t know I had. However I knew I had to go back to the gym today as Simon has now also written me a training plan as well (how many do I need?) which involves running/crawling/cabbing 3 kms today, so at 1.15 I slunk into the gym fully expecting Chris to be there dressed as the Marquis de Sade but I was pleasantly surprised it was empty. I quickly changed and practically ran to get onto the treadmill before Chris appeared and made me hurt again but he was nowhere to be seen so I set the controls for 9kmph and starting jogging. Now I know 9kmph isn’t particularly fast but when you weigh the size of a small country like I do it’s fast! Miracle of miracles the aches I was carrying seemed to disappear as I got into some kind of jogging rhythm and the metres just started racking up and all was going well until I messed with a switch on the machine which I thought was the heart monitor when in fact it was the emergency stop. I have to say as emergency stops go it was very efficient stopping me dead in my tracks and also wiping of all my run details…I had no idea how far I had run..1-2-10km there was nothing for it but to start again and keep my hands well away from any buttons. I completed another 3k including I might add for good measure an Usain Bolt like sprint of 11km of unknown length before I hit the emergency stop button…I was too tired to reach the cool down button!

So at the end of training session 2 at the very least I have run 3km if not more and the worrying thing is I actually feel ok…slight aches all over my legs but nothing to compare with Monday…maybe this 10km won’t be so hard after all!

Steve’s Up & Running

September 17th, 2012 by Simon Bollon

Steve’s first training blog….

This is the first of what I hope will be a series of blogs which will culminate either in a glorious description of how I won the race aka Mo Farrah  or how I was carried away by the St Johns ambulance at the start line blubbing like baby when I realise how a far 10k actually is!

Day 1

Nearly a week after the euphoria of buying my new running trainers I haven’t actually used them yet although they are out of the cardboard box which is a step in the right direction…albeit a small one! However today I actually went down to the gym and did a ‘session’ with Chris one of the trainers and motivators. I don’t think we’re quite on the same wavelength, he seems to have put me down for a fat reduction programme and I need a running programme unless of course the two are somehow linked…I can’t imagine why he thinks I need to lose weight!

Anyway the session was a mammoth 40 minutes long with two sets of reps featuring huge huge weights – twice my own body weight I thought at one stage. It was only when Chris picked them up in one hand I realised it perhaps wasn’t quite as heavy as I thought. Once the session had finished I thought I would try a small run on the treadmill following a training plan Simon kindly wrote for me this morning… apparently its guaranteed to get anybody through a 10k run (even me allegedly).

Day 1 which was today was supposed to be a gentle 3k run but after lifting those weights and some ab work I wasn’t up to running 3 metres let alone 3k

So in summary after day one, I ache all over I’m 3k down on my training plan, Chris is going to make me do more weights when I next venture into the gym and Simon will shout at me for not following his training plan….and worst of all there are only 63 days to go.

I can only hope that somehow my body recovers enough for me to go into the gym tomorrow to allow me to make up the 3k I missed today…unless of course I miss read the plan and it was 3 metres I had to do today so in that case I’m bang on track and I’m going to canter this 10K…it will be a piece of cake which is just what I just fancy now mmmm!

A Boutique Media Week in Tweets :: 2012-09-14

September 14th, 2012 by Simon Bollon

  • Quality of the pitch, ITV coverage and Hooch on the advertising hoardings. It must be 1996. Let's get to a rave! #
  • Fancy a run? http://t.co/KyGn1BSm #
  • I'm wondering if they have done this just for Team Boutique…?! http://t.co/biMDiOWp #

The Sun shines brightly in inaugural print and online report

September 12th, 2012 by Simon Bollon

The Sun has a greater number of combined print and website readers than the Daily Mail, according to latest figures from the National Readership Survey (NRS).

The new data, called NRS PADD (Print and Digital Data) is being published today (12 September) for the first time, and offers media buyers, media owners and other interested parties a joint readership figures across print titles and their respective websites, for the first time.

The figures, however, do not include users who access national newspaper titles via Apple iPad and other tablets.

Disclosure of the data comes in the light of users’ increased use of news websites at the expense of print news.

It will make welcome reading for Rupert Murdoch, the boss of The Sun, along with Paul Dacre, editor-in-chief of the Daily Mail, as the two titles are dominating the opposition.

The data comprises average monthly data taken over a yearly period between April 2011 and March 2012.

The figures show that The Sun has an overall average readership figure of 17.8 million over the month, split between 16.1 million readers of the paper and 3.3 million online consumers, minus duplication between the two.

The Sun, according to the NRS, is just ahead of the Daily Mail’s printed publication and website.

The Daily Mail registered an overall average readership figure of 16.43 million over the month, split between 11.7 million print readers and 6.8 million readers of Mail Online, minus duplication.

The Daily Mail and The Sun are far ahead of the rest of the pack and the data is broadly in line with Audit Bureau of Circulations (ABC) data for online and print.

ABC measures circulation and browser numbers, unlike the NRS, which measures readers,  Both sets of data are used by media buyers when planning and buying campaigns.

Third-placed overall, according to the NRS, was the Daily Mirror with an overall readership of 10.6 million readers, split between 9.1 million print readers and 1.9 million online readers, minus duplication.

The Guardian was next with an overall readership figure of 8.95 million, split between 6.4 million online readers and 4.8 million print readers, minus duplication.

The Guardian just pipped the Telegraph, which had an overall readership figure of 8.8 million, split between 5.3 million online readers and 5.2 million print readers.

The Times, meanwhile, whose website is behind a paywall, reported a website readership figure of 295,000, which was dwarfed by rival quality newspaper websites.

Overall, The Times brand reported a figure of 5.74 million, made up of 295,000 website readers and 5.52 million newspaper readers

Fancy a run?

September 11th, 2012 by Simon Bollon

Steve (one of the Partners in Boutique) turned 50 this year so to celebrate and in a desperate attempt to help him shift the inevitable middle aged bulge we entered him into the Leeds Abbey Dash 10k which takes place on 18th November.

We decided that rather than raise money from clients, contacts and media owners, we would instead pay to a charity for them to join us in the race!

Beginners, experienced runners, those intending to do it already and those who might see this as a reason to get fit were all invited.

We are entering as ‘Team Boutique’ in the event and  will pay the entry fee, supply each runner with a fetching team T-shirt and also pay £100 to charity for every person who joins the team.

We don’t need athletes and we don’t care about times (though Caroline will be devastated if she isn’t the first home from Team Boutique). We hope this will be the first Team Boutique event and the more who join us the more pressure is on Steve to actually start training!

We’re delighted by the response and now have 13 runners signed up….but we want more! If you want to join us then emails simon@boutiquemc.co.uk

Event details can be seen here: http://www.ageuk.org.uk/get-involved/events-and-challenges/leeds-abbey-dash/

Keep checking back for Steve’s blog about his progress!

A Boutique Media Week in Tweets :: 2012-09-07

September 7th, 2012 by Simon Bollon